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What is school management software?

School management software is a tool specifically intended to streamline the paperless administration of institutes and academic organization. It comprises of a variety of modules that significantly assist teachers and staff in keeping school documents, academic history, and other vital school data. The effective school management system functions as a unit for the distinct departments / functions and can be obtained from any place. Web-based school management software is the best way to handle a classroom in a successful, timely and structured route.



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School Information Management​

It is essential for any institute to preserve the pupil and teachers databases. This module helps in the processing of applications, pupil registrations, classroom divisions and the generation and distribution of examination admission cards. Some of the school software provides a smart automated classroom department. It calculates the total number of students, faculty and classrooms, verifies the student-teacher ratio and divides the student-teacher ratio accordingly.

Student Management​​

With this module, the administrator and parents can acquire complete information about a specific peer. From the student’s entry information to the entry system, customers can rapidly attach, alter and display the information. It also includes a student profile with photographs, family and guardian details, built-in ID card, well-designed records and client search reports. Most of the school management system automatically produces student registration numbers. It also makes it easier for customers to upload files.

Fee Management​

Is an essential component of service tax leadership technology. It does a number of duties straight from creating a payment schedule to categorizing learners under single or various payment schemes, producing tuition payments, creating accounts, and more.

Timetable Management

Managing a institute schedule is a hard one. This module of classroom software leaves it simple to generate and keep a schedule for learners and educators. It gives an alarm if the topic boundaries are exceeded, or if the teacher is in occupancy.

Exam Management​

Examination is a tough job for most academic institutes.Exam Day Aspect operates as an information system for students.This component operates according to your exam structure like yearly and half yearly or quaterly.The module configures number of classes, subjects, language and types of examinations. Some feature like this Merit list generation, Test, mid -term and final marks entry processing and finalization of results

Attendance Management

It helps maintain attendance records efficiently and gets rid of piles of paperwork. Manual attendance management system registers attendance of students by feeding it on the software. Manual attendance ensures that theFaculty receives updates of absent roll numbers’ data on a day to day basis on the Attendance Server. SMS is sent to parents updating them about student presence or absence.

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